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  Fascinating guided bicycle tours in Sukhothai featuring the ancient city and rural countryside
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Established in 2007 The Original and STILL the best cycle tour in Sukhothai
  Tour company licence No.24/00307
Team Cycling Sukhothai



 Cycling Sukhothai Ronny

      A Belgian cycling enthusiast and a Sukhothai resident for 23 years. He is passionate about nature and the environment.

    The very best way to get around Sukhothai is by bicycle, which provides easy access to the city, the ancient ruins of the Historical Park, and the local countryside

    There are no hills or mountains to climb, and we are surrounded by history, culture, and traditional the rural Thai way of life.

    The locals are friendly and can't wait to say hello

    He can speak English, Dutch, French and Thai..


 Cycling Sukhothai Mem

      Mem was born in Sukhothai and has lived here all of her life.

    She is the head guide and has over 15 years of accumulated experience within the tourism field. She is proud of her home-town, and is happy to pass on her wealth of knowledge and stories. She is known for her boundless energy and being and entertainer too.

    Speaks fluent English and Thai


 Cycling Sukhothai Yoyo

      Yo is the real character in the team. He provides our customer pick-up and drop-off service, so the Cycling Sukhothai experiences starts with him.

    Speaks excellent English, Dutch and Thai


 Cycling Sukhothai Pete

      Our young local guide who surely knows his way around the most charming places of the countryside and rice paddies He is happy to give pass on his knowledge and information on local life, history and culture.

    Fluent in English and Thai


 Cycling Sukhothai Jog

      Our bike cleaner. Do not forget the behind the scenes man who cleans and expertly maintains our bikes each time they return from a dirt road tour so that every pedal turn is effortless and each gear change is slick.



          Without being a pessimist, a dreamy hippy or suffering from severe depression, I’m Quite conscious-we should be!-in what kind of world we live in. If you open your eyes, with even a little awareness, you can see how we human beings destroy, exploit and defile the whole planet… our planet! You cannot wave this away with cheap excuses, and if you do so, you’re ignorant. I have no problem whatsoever with what the new world brings in, but I personally have a problem with how we misuse and abuse everything. I use the bicycle, it’s the world greenest and energieefficient mashine. Fast enough to cover distances, slow enough to appreciate all cites and scents.  No noise no fumes and healthy. It’s really great!
I sympathise with every one interested in cycling and cyclists crossing my path.
It is our choice, let us all work Towards a cleaner and better world.

cycling sukhothai


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