Evening Countryside Sunset Tour

Going on farming roads along canals passing local villages. The experienced guide will give you lots of information on farming life and the ride ends with choosing the right spot for sunset. More information&gallory

Historical Park Sunset Bicycle Tour

For persons that have little time in Sukhothai, but still want to see the best of ancient temples. The evening at sunset is a good moment to take pictures of the old ruines. More information&gallory

Full day Sukhothai Historical Park Tour

Sukhothai Historical Park is an enchanting place, well deserved of its UNESCO Heritage Site title. Lots to see and learn along the traffic free way about local life from your guide on architecture, history and Buddhism. It will make your day much richer on local culture and customs. More information&gallery

Full day Countryside Tour

This tour offers the opportunity to visit the picturesque Thai countryside. You will have the opportunity to meet rural village communities at work and play. You can take a glimpse into the harmonious lifestyles of Thai families. You will find out precisely why Thailand is known as “The rice bowl of Asia. More information&gallery

Half day Countryside Tour

Our half day countryside tour starts at 08:00 till 12:30 and is exclusively concentrated on the countryside. Cruising along farming roads and dirt tracks impossible to find yourself to the back yard of Sukhothai with it’s beautiful simplicity which words can hardly explain. Seeing so many different kinds of green. Hear the hello helloes of the locals and get lots of background information from an experienced guide to have a profound impression of the countryside. More information&gallery

Sri satchanalai Historical Park Tour

Sri satchanalai Historical iste are a sister city of Sukhothai. Located about 60 kms north of sukhothai near the mountains on the Yom river valley with quiet and beautiful surroundings. You can see how the ancient kilns worked that once produced the famous celadon ceramics of Sukhothai. More information&gallery


Elephant home stay 3 day 2 nights tour pokkage

A unique opportunity to meet the gentle giants of animal kingdom in their natural habitat. Help the local Mahout family with feeding and bathing the animals, and trek through the jungle. In the evening take a leisurely bamboo raft ride along the river and view the sunset. This tour also includes cycle tours to Sukhothai and Si Satchanalai Historical Parks, with 2 nights accommodation, all meals and transfers included. More information&gallery

Bespoke Tour / Your Choice


Choose your own itinerary from the extensive list of sites and local cutural experience available. Atailor made tour to suite your very own personal requirment of preferred choices. Half day, full day and multiple day excursion options available.

Cycling Sukhothai are happy to accommodate tour group both large and small, as well as families and couples.

Cycling Sukhothai Large Group


Cycling Sukhothai Medium Group


Cycling Sukhothai Couple


All tours are completed at a “leisurely” pace, and are designed to be accessible by young and old as well as more experienced bike enthusiasts. We have plenty of stop-offs and refreshment breaks built-in.

Cycling Sukhothai Family Group   

Each tour package offers a unique set of vacation enhancing experiences, and the locals just can’t wait to say hello.

Cycling Sukhothai Local Say Hello

A tour with Cycling Sukhothai will undoubtedly enhance your holiday experience in Thailand. We promise a journey well away off of the well beaten tourist trail, and into the backyard of Thailand. Warm smiles from friendly locals plus unique sights, sounds, smells and experiences await you around every corner which can only truly be appreciated when upon your two wheel bicycle. Listen to what our customers are saying about us on Tripadvisor.